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Here is how cryptocurrencies allow you to diversify
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years of experience you can count on to have the best possible return


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How Cryptocurrency Mining
Can Help You Make Money?

Cryptocurrency mining is very simple to understand. 

In a few words, it consists of checking and validating the transactions when people send some cryptocurrencies to one another. Indeed, by nature, there is no bank in the cryptocurrency universe for performing this kind of verifications.

Miners are people mining. As a miner, for verifying a transaction, you will receive a fee. Like a bank taking a fee when you send money. The sweet part of it is that anyone can become a miner, as long as you buy the proper type of computer for verifying the transactions. So anyone can receive some money from the millions of transactions that are made on cryptocurrencies.

Even you.

Rather than going too far into the technical details on this page, we have prepared a dedicated page for you, which explains everything in a simple way, and which will allow you to understand all the ins and outs of this type of investment.

What Is Summit Mining?


Our CEO visiting a mining farm in China | Nov. 2019

Summit Mining is a service that helps you to invest in cryptocurrency mining. Mining is very profitable, but not when it performed by individuals on their own.

Unlike what every other company does, we do not sell nor rent you out some mining machines and wish you all best. Instead, once per month, we purchase with your funds and the ones of other investors like you the most interesting mining machines of the moment, and we add them to the Mining Park that we manage.

Once installed in the Mining Park, all machines are shared with all existing clients. That way, all resources, profits, costs, etc. are also shared. Finally, once per month, we send you the profits that the machines have generated, proportionally to your investment. And because we are paid a percentage fee on the net amount of money  you make, we strive to generate the highest profits for you.

So not only you benefit from the wholesale prices that we can get, but this “community mining” drastically reduces your risk while improving your return on investment.

Cryptocurrency Mining.
Another Mirage?

You know that it is complicated to rely on the financial system / pensions or insurance plan. You also know that it is not safe to put all eggs in the same basket. Even “safe” investments like real estate have shown their limits during the Covid-19 crisis. Some tenants could not pay their rent any longer, people stopped traveling and using Airbnb, etc. And it is not your banker that will help you. So, yes, cryptocurrencies investments are risky. But isn’t it a form of risk to have money sleeping on an account paying 0.5% per year?

With cryptocurrencies, you can potentially multiply your investment by 10 or 20 in just a few years. It is possible. But let’s be honest two minutes: no, you won’t get rich overnight due to mining. And we are not going to promise any guaranteed return on investment.

However, what we can tell you is that we have made a ROI of 142% in 2019, and 15% in the five first month of 2020. All returns are accessible on our Instagram page and our Discord group.

A caring community

Talking about our Discord group, you need to know that Summit Mining is not just about making money.

You will be part of our awesome community guided by the same goal of improving its knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Everyone is welcome and there is no discrimination about your level. We all started one day, and we all knew not much about bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

You can join the public group right now. Once client, you will also be allowed to join a private group.

What Guarantees For My Investment?

Let’s be clear right now : we cannot guarantee you a minimum profitability. We made nearly 12% each month (on average) in 2019, but it does not mean that this will be the case every month. This profitability depends on the price of the cryptocurrencies that we mine. It can vary from simple to triple (or even much more) from one month to another. Also, as your capital is invested in physical equipment, the value of your investment fluctuates over time, in a manner quite similar to the profitability of mining: when mining is very profitable, the value of the machines (even for second hand equipment) tends to appreciate, and so your initial investment. The reverse is also true.

However, we are committed to:

  • Professional management that has already proven itself: you thus avoid all beginner’s mistakes.
  • The ownership of your machines, so you keep a residual value of your initial investment.
  • The possibility of terminating your contract and recovering part of your initial investment, or even more, depending on the price of cryptocurrencies (which is backed by that of mining machines).
  • Responsive and warm customer support to answer all your questions.
  • The equity of your return on investment to ensure you a better return on investment.
  • Covering operating costs so that you have no unpleasant surprises in the months when our operating costs increase.


In other words, we do our best to lower the risks, maximise profits, and you pocket the profits directly.

Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoin?

Like real estate, the best time to invest was 10 years ago. The second best time to invest is now.

Yes, the world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving. And we believe that we are only at the beginning of the crypto revolution.

Look around you. Do you know a lot of people who are interested in it? Barely 1% of the population holds cryptocurrencies. Imagine when there will be even 10%!


One of our mining farm in China | June 2019


We only invest once a month. Don’t miss the next round.


Why Trust Us?


One of our mining farms in China | Nov. 2019

After all, are we much better than your bank advisor, who proudly announces each year the few tens of euros you have generated in interest? 

Summit Mining is a small, human-sized team that values community spirit and transparency above all else.

Whether it is profits generated by mining or knowledge, we share everything, in real time. You also receive a monthly report, which explains everything in detail.

By pooling funds, machinery and energy in this way, the leverage effect is much greater than when you mine from home.

Join Us On This Adventure

To join us for the next order, you still have


Is this a marketing trick? It is not!

We are not going to make you the coup of the false promotion which ends in 23h59min.

We only order “wholesale” machines once per month in order to obtain the best prices, for better profitability for everyone.

So if you miss the date, you will have to wait one more month.

3 Simple Steps To Join Us And Start Mining Your Own Cryptocurrencies

1. We Get To Know You, You Benefit From Our Advice

As soon as you contact us (by email, instant messaging, or via the chatbox), we will reply to you within 24 hours in order to arrange a telephone appointment (if you wish). Together, we will discuss your desire to join us, the concept, and we will of course answer all your questions.

Please also note that we do not blindly accept any investments. The minimum investment is €2,000.

If we believe that our service is not right for you, based on your expectations, your finances, etc. we will tell you.


2. Contract Signature

At the end of this meeting, if you are ready to join us, we will send you a clear contract in order to formalise your investment.

Once you have signed it and we have received your funds, they will be added to the funds received since the previous order, and we will then make a wholesale purchase soon after.

3. Collection Of Your Funds Mined

This is certainly the step you are waiting for the most!

As soon as we receive the equipment, it is installed, configured and put into service as soon as possible to start mining.

Every month, you receive the fruit of your investment directly on your crypto wallet. If you don't know how to get one, we explain everything to you.


Minimum investment to start, including all installation fees.

€0,05 / kWh

Maximum price for 1 kWh of green electricity.

1 000+

Investors to date.

Cryptos We Are Currently Mining


11% of our crypto-mining profit comes from Bitcoin.

Bitcoins mined to date
by our clients.


1% of our crypto-mining profit comes from Dash.

Dashs mined to date
by our clients.


65% of our crypto-mining profit comes from Ethereum.

Ethereums mined to date
by our clients.


15% of our crypto-mining profit comes from Litecoin.

Litecoins mined to date
by our clients.


8% of our crypto-mining profit comes from Zcash.

Zcashs mined to date
by our clients.


See what our customers have to say about Summit Mining:

Still Have Some Questions?

You are right, every investment decision must be made in a thoughtful manner. For this, we have created a FAQ, containing the questions you ask us most often.

The ROI varies, depending mostly on the price of the crypto that we mine. The higher the value of the crypto, the higher the ROI. Historically, we have produced 1.09% during the “bad” months (not that bad anyway!) and 32.46% for the best months.

The average, in 2019 is 11.89% per month. This is on a calendar month, which means without considering the overall increase of the cryptocurrency markets during that period and without considering the possibility to reinvest your profits.

For transparency reasons, please note that we cannot guarantee or promise any ROI because we are (unfortunately!) not controlling the price of cryptocurrencies.

You get paid at the beginning of each month, after the machines have been purchased. We pay you with the cryptocurrencies you have mined. Currently, we mine 4 cryptos, so you will receive 4 payments. It is then your decision to reinvest these funds, convert them into euros or just keep them and wait for a price increase.

In order for our clients to get the best legal protection, we have registered our company in Europe, more precisely in Dublin, Ireland. Our offices are also based there.

The machines we purchase every month are dispatched in several locations where the price for electricity is low. Currently, they are located in China, in Russia and in the USA. This also allows us to reduce the risks while getting better prices for everyone.

Of course. Not only is the Summit Mining team there to help you with any questions, but you also get help from our community. No question is left unanswered!

And above all, you are supported throughout your learning. It’s the complete opposite of “thank you for your investment, now get by!” that you get from other services.

No serious service offering attractive returns carries any risk. Few services will tell you, because selling dreams is precisely what makes sell.

For our part, the risk exists, but on top of signing a contract to protect you, we are doing everything to limit it as much as possible.

Yes, it does impinge on profitability a little, but the diversification of geographic locations where the machines are installed, the type of machines themselves as well as the mined cryptocurrencies allows to perform a more sustainable management in the long term.

Your question cannot be answered in the FAQ?