What is crypto mining?

When you join us, we want you to understand what mining is, and especially the way in which you will earn money with us.


In reality, everything has already been said: mining is based on the validation of transactions. OK, but what else?  

Digital currencies like bitcoin are not managed or controlled by banks. This is why, in order to be valid, all transactions between users must be verified one by one, and validated.

Let’s go back to basics, and let’s look at the name “cryptocurrency”.

Why "Crypto"?

To validate transactions and secure the bitcoin ecosystem, there are algorithms that are based on the principles of cryptography. Hence the name. CRYPTOgraphy, CRYPTOcurrency.

How To Verify Transactions On Cryptocurrencies?

Each cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) has its own algorithm. It is a kind of small manual, describing precisely its characteristics. This is a kind of digital passport.

In the traditional banking system, what happens when you want to send money from your traditional bank account to someone else?

It is very simple: first, the bank verifies your identity, checks that you have the funds, the necessary authorisations (you probably know you are not free to send money anywhere you like), etc. It is exactly the same principle with cryptocurrencies. Except that there is no bank to do this verification work!

So, in order to guarantee impartial computer control, if you want to send one bitcoin to someone, the transaction will first be sent for verification to a neutral computer that runs a specific software. If everything is correct, the transaction is carried out. Otherwise, the transaction is rejected.

The Principle Of Cryptocurrency Mining

You have certainly already understood: these computers are simply calculators. These are the calculators we buy to be able to mine. But then, when do these calculators earn you money?

Just as a bank is paid for the transactions you make, each computer owner who has made available their computing power to validate a transaction receives a small percentage of it.

Voilà! You have just understood what mining consists of: using a super-powerful computer to validate a maximum number of transactions in order to receive a maximum amount of commissions!

Why Cryptocurrencies Mining Rather Than Trading?

As you probably already know, the price of cryptocurrencies has been extremely volatile. This is what many traders count on. The basic idea is also very simple: you try to buy low, and try to sell higher, just like on the stock market.

If it is true that you can achieve very nice operations through this, also know that a factor is essential to take into account: emotions.

Did I buy at the right time?

I “made” 5%, 10%, 20%. Should I resell now or wait a little longer?

I’m losing a lot of money, what should I do?

With transaction fees, at what threshold am I profitable?

Should I diversify my portfolio or bet everything on bitcoin???

So many questions you will have to ask yourself – non-stop – if you decide to get into crypto trading…

Another Solution To Avoid Trading: Cryptocurrency Mining

The machines are much easier to manage! No questions to ask, no pending questions, no risk of losing a substantial capital in just a few hours, no strikes… Just a computer that calculates, calculates and calculates again, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day 24, so that you can calmly pocket your profits.

Simple, but above all effective. In fact, since it is a question of investing in machines, these machines retain a residual value: in the worst possible case, you never lose all of your initial investment.

The Benefits Of Mining To Generate Passive Gains

Cryptocurrencies Represent The Future

Although we are still in the early stages of their democratisation, cryptocurrencies are the future of financial transactions.
Millions of people around the world already use cryptocurrencies, but that number only represents 1% of the population.

The Potential Benefits Are very Important

The return on investment of bitcoin has reached nearly 10,000,000% !!! This is the story of this young Norwegian, Kristoffer Koch, who had invested around $ 20 in 2010… and who was able to buy a magnificent apartment in the heart of Oslo in 2013 ! Absolutely no other asset on this planet can come close to cryptocurrencies in terms of ROI (return on investment).

Mining Is Simpler Than Trading

The new machines available today do not require any special skills to operate. They are plug-and-play. Conversely, buying or trading cryptocurrencies is generally more risky and ESPECIALLY requires advanced knowledge to avoid losing your money.

You Will Receive Passive Income

The beauty of mining?
Receiving, every month and without doing anything, the mined cryptos on your digital crypto wallet.
Don't have such a wallet yet? We're here to help you create one for free… and guess what?
It only takes a few seconds!
Yes, in just a few seconds, knowing how to do it, you are ready to receive your first payments!


After reading these few lines, you may have thought about making your computer available to validate some transactions? Even better, you have decided to buy your own machine. These are indeed possible options, but…

● A conventional computer only mines a few crypto dust. The equivalent of barely ten euros. Per year. Not to mention the cost of electricity, which turns profits directly into the red.

● Dedicated equipment makes noise. A lot of noise (the same level as a kitchen blender).

● It must also be permanently cooled, and therefore you will need to install some air conditioning (or live at the North Pole).

● Finally, it consumes at least 2,000 watts. In Europe, this is equivalent to more than €150 of electricity. Monthly.

● Ah, and we haven’t told you about the cost of the machine in question, have we?

…Now you understand, mining alone is possible in absolute terms, but requires a lot of resources (technical, financial) for it to be viable and above all profitable. And of course, there is on top of that the cost of maintenance and renewal of the equipment.

To avoid all these problems, we have launched a community mining service. Here is a small summary table of the advantages and disadvantages of mining, depending on whether you do it traditionally or as part of our mining community:

Traditional VS Community Mining

Traditional Mining

Investment Based On Luck

Your investment is much less reliable, whether you simply invest in Bitcoin or if you buy some mining equipment. If you are lucky enough to arrive at the right time, you will get cheap machines. Otherwise... you may end up paying them a fortune.
Can you really afford to invest on luck? On the long run, this is more than risky and you will end up losing your funds.

Equipment Quickly Becomes Obsolete

What do you do when your equipment is too old (only after a few months)? Or when a new machine is release one month after you bought yours?
To continue to be profitable, you must invest again, except that this investment often represents more than your profits generated!

You Pay All Maintenance Costs

Beyond the prohibitive cost of electricity in Europe, when your machine is no longer under warranty and in the event of a breakdown, you will have to pay for repairs alone. And even if it is still under warranty, it will be shut down for the duration of the repair… Enough to ruin all your profits because of a simple hardware failure! Oh, and guess who will pay for the return to the manufacturer?

Community Mining

Thoughtful Investment

The price of the machines is negotiated at the wholesale price and smoothed over the year. We buy machines every month. Our suppliers know this and give us discounts that you could never get alone. On the other hand, when the price drops, we can buy more machines. As these are shared, you are the first to take advantage of these unbeatable prices on the market!

Your Equipment Is Constantly Renewed

Each month, new machines arrive in the park, and therefore enrich it with the latest equipment.
By being part of our community, you automatically benefit from new equipment. That is to say that you mine with recent equipment, without having to reinvest each time.

Maintenance Costs Are Shared

Likewise, when a machine breaks down, it goes almost unnoticed since the other machines are there to take over! You don't have to worry about maintenance costs or repair times that could reduce your profits. This is the advantage of mining in the community: we are no longer alone to bear all these costs.

This Is Where Community Mining Comes In

By pooling resources and hosting our mining farms where electricity is (much) cheaper, profitability is much better. In addition, we purchase new machines once a month, so we can better negotiate their price (the same principle of buying wholesale).

On the other hand, we guarantee equity of profits by several levers :

  1. Everyone receives the mined cryptos each month, in proportion to their investment.
  2. Each new machine purchased benefits the entire community.
  3. The cost of the machines is thus smoothed over all the members of Summit Mining : no one benefits more than another from machines bought at a better price.
  4. Operating and maintenance costs are also shared and only deducted from your profits.

We only place one order of mining machines per month, in order to get the best prices. Will you be part of the adventure?

Why Join The Community?

Still some hesitation before joining us? Here is a brief summary, which may well tip the scales on the right side:

● We buy our machines at the best price (direct from the manufacturers)

● Mining farms are placed in strategic locations, where electricity is much cheaper ($ 0.06 / kWh compared to $ 0.20 / kWh on average in Europe). This price even includes supervision, maintenance and rental of the walls.

● At present, we run about 19,000 machines. In other words, an already very important base to ensure serious and profitable mining.

● You are not taking a direct risk. Your investment is valued, and retains an intrinsic value. Our experience in trading (over 15 years) and international logistics (over 5 years) allows us to cover your back.

● You are trained to understand the world of cryptocurrencies. This is of course not mandatory, but we know you like to understand how your investment is making you money.

● Finally, the most important point of all: EVERY MONTH, you receive an income, passive and automatic.


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